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Battery weight impact testing machine operating specifications

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-25
First to introduce the battery weight impact testing machine test purpose: weight tester is suitable for the battery, Or battery pack) Under different quality of heavy objects from different heights through free-fall impact on batteries, lead to destructive test of battery internal short circuit, through the observation period is used to assess the safety of the battery performance test results. Battery should be qualified for no fire, no explosion. Battery weight impact testing machine installation requirements: (1) operating environment requirements: room temperature 10 ℃ - 40 ℃ range; Environmental humidity in 30% 80% less than other: the machine should be placed on a level and a land of a certain intensity on the installation location. Battery weight impact testing machine operation steps: 1, the first confirmed using the power supply voltage is 220 v, connect the power supply, open the power switch, the fan start randomly; 2, the door is opened again, choose the required impact height, and then shut the door, press & other; Rose & throughout; Key, falling ball weight automatically rise to the required height limit ( Height limit is 610 mm or 1000 mm) After automatic stop rising. 3, the door is opened, the safety pin plug ( Please strictly in accordance with the steps to security to protect role) , the sample will be tested in the pressure plate around the center position, again puts rail sample center location clamping batteries, allocate safety latch, the door is closed. 4, press & other; Impact & throughout; Key, falling ball weight free fall, complete a test. Operation note: 1, the test specimen shall be the deformation or shell packing sound samples, lest affect test results. 2, each operation placed before the sample, please be sure to put good, according to the bolt is strictly prohibited in the case of without a safety pin, lest produce unnecessary accidents. 3, change the test height is 1000 mm, 610 mm only the limit switch screws loosen, and remove this limit. Tags: & nbsp  battery weight impact tester & NBSP weight impact testing machine supplier & NBSP battery weight impact testing machine operation specification
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