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High and low temperature test chamber refrigeration units cannot be started the cause and the solution

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-08-31
High and low temperature testing-equipment' target='_blank'>test chamber is B1 level car, electrical products, rubber and plastic board, scientific research, product quality testing and other manufacturing industries indispensable testing instrument, used to test and establish the welder, electronic components and other products and raw materials for high temperature, temperature, cold environment humidity or the temperature of the stationary test after basic parameters and characteristics of environmental pollution. Previous meng-de cao said & other; Although god turtle life, still have a competitive & throughout; , but I do not know in the whole process of environmental test chamber using, when subjected to a high temperature and high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration unit to start what should I do? Below to let us to know: 1, first check the power supply system, work standard voltage is too low, or the motor connection is poor, if it is standard work for power voltage is too low, the work standard voltage to power back to normal again after the start; If is line contact undesirable phenomenon, should check the junction of circuit and the motor, and to repair. 2, check the pressure controller is not sensitive, overhaul pressure controller, and basic parameters can be set pressure again. 3, check whether the temperature control instrument damage or disturbance, if it is a disorder, you should adjust the temperature control instrument; If it is damaged, should repair or disassemble. 4 and organization is not sensitive to examine the kinetic energy. Important often produce line whether there is a jam, low pressure oil hydraulic cylinder stuck situation and according to the common problems such as the reason for repair. 5, check whether automatic exhaust valve leakage, if because of the automatic exhaust valve slice of destruction or sealing off too loose packing, will cause the pressure in the crankcase is too high, can't normal start. Need to remove the automatic exhaust valve plate and seal line is ok. Shell of high and low temperature test chamber to ensure that the vent to maintain smooth, prevent the common problem, posture of abnormal, could reduce and safety accident, box installation notice need not let dust, lint, iron pin or other object into the, otherwise will cause incorrect posture or common problems. To prevent accidents or cause error and common problems, before the end of the installation and go line, please do not connect power transformer; The car dashboard could have certain parts inside time limit, safety factor for continuous use of default of the dashboard, please on time for maintenance and maintenance. The interpretation of the above is high and low temperature test chamber refrigeration units cannot be started the cause and the solution of the hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of high and low temperature test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline for consulting, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  high and low temperature test chamber
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