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How to choose the volume when we buy the environmental test box?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-04
When the tested product (component, component, component or complete machine) is placed in a constant temperature and humidity test box for testing, in order to ensure that the surrounding atmosphere of the tested product can meet the environmental test conditions specified in the test specification, the working size of the climate box is The following rules should be followed between the dimensions of the test product: 1. The volume of the tested product (W×D×H) shall not exceed (20~35%) of the effective working space of the test box (20% is recommended). It is recommended to select no more than 10% for products that generate heat during the test. For example, when a 2 1` color TV is used for temperature storage test, a one cubic volume test box can meet the requirements, but when it is powered on, it cannot meet the requirements, and it should be replaced with a larger test box. , Because the TV has to dissipate heat when it is working. 2. The ratio of the windward section area of u200bu200bthe tested product to the total area of u200bu200bthe test chamber working room on the section is not more than (35-50)% (35% is recommended). For multiple samples, try to place them on the same plane. 3. The distance between the outer surface of the tested product and the test chamber wall should be at least 100-150mm (150mm is recommended). The sample should be placed without blocking the air outlet and return air outlet, and a certain distance should be reserved for the temperature and humidity sensor. To ensure that the test temperature is correct. The above three provisions are actually interdependent and unified. Taking a cube box of 1 cubic meter as an example, the area ratio is 1: (0.35 ~ 0.5), which is equivalent to the volume ratio of 1: (0.207 ~ 0.354). 100~150mm from the wall of the box corresponds to a volume ratio of 1:(0.343~0.512). At the same time, the following items are also worth paying attention to: 1. The temperature range, the equipment temperature range can be analyzed from the numerical value of the highest temperature and the lowest temperature. 2. Cycle function, whether the equipment has a temperature cycle function can be analyzed from the repeated cycle switching curve cycle between temperatures. 3. Humidity range, whether the equipment has the function of humidity, and the approximate temperature range is considered. 4. Thermal load, generally electronic products are tested for power-on. In the case of power-on, the product under test will definitely heat up, which will generate a load, so be sure to explain to the manufacturer during the process of buying equipment The load situation. 5. For equipment handling, refer to the dimensions of the equipment to determine the final location of the equipment. 6. Whether the power of the power supply and equipment can be consistent with the final power supply of the laboratory. More about: Constant temperature and humidity box
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