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Textile testing technology and instruments are diversified

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-16
In recent years, textile visual inspection equipment has made great progress in inspection mechanism, degree of mechatronics and computer microelectronics. More and more large-capacity, intelligent and multifunctional automatic textile inspection equipment have begun to be used in Application in the field of textile product testing. The development and use of this new mechatronics equipment not only expands the methods and means of modern textile inspection technology, but also makes a qualitative leap in the online and offline inspection capabilities of textile products.     Application of digital sensing technology      Now, digital image processing technology has been widely used in textile inspection technology. For example, optical fiber direct analysis equipment is one of them. It uses high-end digital image processing technology to determine the wool fiber to ensure the accuracy of the wool fiber diameter and average diameter. According to the test, its speed can reach 10,000 pieces per minute. Moreover, the use of optical fiber analysis equipment can also directly test the degree of curling of fiber materials such as medullary hair and chemical fibers.    In modern textile inspection technology, laser technology has also been fully applied. For example, the laser scanner used in the Australian textile industry is a representative of the application of laser technology in textile technology. Its detection speed is not lower than that of optical fiber direct analysis equipment, but its control technology is completely carried out by laser scanning and computer. It is controlled by a computer and uses the fiber diameter to complete fiber detection in a short time. It can accurately determine the CV value and the average diameter of the product. The test instrument can also draw a distribution map of the number of fibers.     In addition, the sensing technology in modern textile inspection technology is constantly upgrading. For example, in textile testing equipment, the application of capacitive sensing audio and photoelectric sensing technology continues to develop. A representative example is the German Zweig Company, whose textile testing equipment all contain audio equipment, and the vibration frequency is generally between 3 Hz and 5 Hz. This method of making full use of fiber audio frequency changes to measure textile products not only truly reflects the density and uniformity of the measured sliver and coarse yarn, but also the whole measurement result will not be affected or interfered by the surrounding environment.    Increased automated testing efforts     From the perspective of the development of textile testing technology at home and abroad, in recent years, the trend of new vibrating instruments to replace single fiber length measuring and weighing instruments has gradually become obvious. For example, foreign high-end technology Ru0026D departments have successively developed a variety of equipment for measuring fiber fineness based on the vibration method, which has the advantages of automatically completing fiber linear density testing without manual operation and adjustment, and with a single-key operation. Since the fiber density measurement process no longer relies mainly on manual judgment, the accuracy of the measurement results is greatly improved. Production practice shows that using vibrating fiber testing equipment, two people can complete the test of 190 samples in one hour.     The automation of modern textile inspection technology is constantly increasing, which is mainly reflected in the wide application of high-tech technologies. For example, with the continuous update of network computer technology, developed countries have introduced a new type of computer control system that can be used in textile product density testing equipment. It not only effectively solves the sample time, but also avoids the error of the sample itself. Especially in the single fiber tensile test, the use of new equipment can not only achieve many functions including collection, processing and data display, but also effectively control the elongation at break of the sample.     At present, the technology of fiber adjustment and control through computer software in China is mainly reflected in the use of computer central network and photometric detection method for identification. More and more technicians have gradually realized that the use of computer network hubs to determine products is not only reliable, fast, and can accurately distinguish fiber products with very similar chemical components, but also identify the blended components of fibers in the yarn. Testing technology presents three trends. Driven by the development of digital sensing and automated testing technologies, three new development trends have emerged in modern textile testing technology, namely, to analog quality testing and evaluation, to high speed and efficiency, and to more The trend of functional development.     First, modern automatic inspection technology is developing in the direction of analog quality inspection and evaluation. With the gradual clarification of the intelligent and automated development trend of spinning inspection equipment, the influence of manual operation on product inspection results has become less and less. Therefore, today textile companies can use the test results to reliably perform the processing and product quality of textile products Simulation forecasts. In this way, not only can the quality problems that may occur in the sample product be effectively avoided, but also the production time and production cost can be saved. 
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