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The battery discharge detector to detect general how much is normal

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-25
First of all, through the appearance to check the presence of ballooning, discharge, burning and other abnormal, when the battery failure cannot judge through the intuitive way, need a open circuit voltage test and computer test battery capacity. Need to use the computer, need a open circuit voltage test and computer test battery capacity of battery is divided into abnormal voltage, over discharge, discharge time anomaly, rechargeable batteries to the battery, etc. A, abnormal voltage battery generally divided into voltage without current and voltage and current. For no voltage and current of battery is also called the cut-off battery, such batteries detectable single battery open circuit voltage is measured with a multimeter to 0 v, can be directly judged to be open circuit. Or single battery voltage is measured with a multimeter, we used the car charger only to test battery charging more than 10 minutes, and then use value is 1 ~ 1. 5 ohm resistance of single only constant resistance discharge the battery under test, or 10 a ~ 15 a constant current discharge, discharge for 10 seconds, battery terminal voltage of 0 v, that is judged to be open circuit. 2, a discharge cell classification and detection methods of above two class discharge battery typically require open circuit voltage measurement can determine, while the group's only a battery in the open circuit voltage is lower than 10. 5 v, other voltage were higher than 10. 5 v, can be judged as single discharge; When the whole battery open circuit voltage is below 10. 5 v, or the whole total open circuit voltage of the battery is lower than 10. The total voltage (5 * N Such as total four pack voltage less than 10. 5*4=42V) To determine in the whole discharge. Three, abnormal discharge capacity battery is divided into the whole capacity lack and large difference of the capacity for the whole two kinds. 1. Battery discharge in time, if can not reach the same standard, or in consistency ( The whole battery discharge time lag between) , in the new period> 10 minutes, in spare time> 15 minutes, as long as meet one ( Or all meet) , which can be judged to be lag behind. ( Discharge time reference temperature environment test. ) 2. The hot charging battery testing, only need to in a quiet place to room temperature after put the batteries recharged again after, if at the beginning of the rechargeable battery ( Down the corresponding charging electric charge 4 hours) Severe fever phenomenon ( Temperatures above 50 ℃) 。 3. The merits of the storage battery is usually judged according to the size of the battery electromotive force and internal resistance; Electromotive force is refers to the battery outside the open cases, potential difference between positive and negative. Internal resistance is refers to the battery during charging and discharging, storage battery internal resistance of the rendered. 4. The battery when charging. Battery voltage rise soon, and, when the discharge terminal voltage drop again soon said battery internal resistance is big, its capacity is small for bad battery; Otherwise the battery electromotive force ( Dangling on both ends) | as normal, but the battery capacity test of the temperature measuring, reflect is small or zero, then the battery inside the plate fall off; The battery for scrap. Detection: 4. 1. Judging from appearance: to observe the appearance deformation, bulging, discharge, fracture blast, burning, screw joint has a | no oxide, etc. 4. 2. On load measurements: if no abnormal appearance, UPS work in battery mode, with a certain amount of load, if the time of discharge is obviously shorter than the normal discharge time, charging after eight hours, but can't restore normal standby time, determine the battery aging.
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