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The cause of the leather wear tester industry rapid development

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-23
Leather wear tester is the cause of the rapid development of industry along with the overall level of instrument and meter industry has been greatly improved, leather wear tester is also obtained the huge development. All kinds of test instrument technology is also constantly breakthroughs, for example, the latest smart devices this year, it is for water, gas, electricity, heat, etc. The tool of energy metering and charging. Smart leather wear tester is mainly by microcomputer chip and embedded application and composition of the base table, through the embedded application of command and operation of microcomputer chip to control the work of the base table. The traditional mechanical measurement instrument as the base table is a component of smart meters, smart meters are integrated with automatic control of a series of technology, collection of electronic, information and communications, software, mechanical and electrical control technology, as one of the products. Benefit from the national policy to promote the deepening of intelligent leather wear tester is there will be more broad market. According to related statistics, in recent years, China's leather consumption growth is rising year by year, towns are also significantly improve the penetration rate. In the twelfth five-year final, using leather family has grown a lot of families, compound annual growth. Because of its many advantages, the proportion of new and improved a lot.
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