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The development trend of furniture tester market can not be ignored

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-09
The application demand for furniture testers in my country's furniture industry is constantly increasing. Therefore, the future development of the industry is relatively good, and relevant manufacturers need to seize opportunities and meet challenges. The following are the five key points of the tester development that Jester has learned:    One, research on the basic theories of electronic measurement technology: research on new testing theories and methods, research on artificial intelligence theory, frequency base traceability and standard instrument acquisition Method research, new measurement and control bus and system structure research, measurement and furniture tester standard research and formulation are some of the focus of theoretical research in the future.   Second, the development of electronic measurement technology: the relatively fast-developing technologies include advanced digital signal processing technology, measurement and control bus technology, comprehensive testing and fault diagnosis technology, optical frequency standard and precision time-frequency testing technology. Three and two important furniture testers: The important development direction of the vector network analyzer is to build automatic measurement technology and automatic test system with it as the core; in addition, it has gone out of the traditional linear network application field, but in nonlinear And it plays a more important role in the testing and analysis of high-power networks. Modulation domain analyzer is the only technology that can directly measure the shaking that changes with time in communication transmission, especially in the field of electronic testing.   Fourth, the development of modern production technology for furniture testers: The design and production level of instrument products is an important indicator of a country's scientific and technological industrial foundation and industrial capacity, which runs through the entire production process and life cycle of the entire product. In the future, in the research of instrumentation production technology, attention should be paid to solving the problems of product design and process supervision mode, and researching new instrument devices and high-precision, high-quality instrumentation special components, parts and the quality of the whole machine Inspection equipment, researched out virtual test verification and engineering verification technology, advanced production technology and process, new evaluation methods for stability, reliability, maintainability and testability, and even a standardized certification system for products. Fifth, the comprehensive test system of furniture tester: The comprehensive test should focus on the system optimization research of the comprehensive test system, the research of the unity and integrity of the measurement and control system, the research of sensor information processing and multi-sensor data fusion technology. Research on distributed network interconnection, triggering, synchronization and other technologies for regional field testing, as well as technology research on reconfigurable measurement and control systems based on synthetic instruments and systems.
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