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The function of standard fabric in the random tumbling method of fabric fuzzing and pilling test

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-07
The random tumbling method of fabric pilling test is a commonly used testing method in the textile industry. At present, different countries have different requirements for the random tumbling method of fabric pilling test standard. This article is based on GB/T 4802.4-2009 and ASTM D3512-07 , The laboratory uses standard fabric to calibrate whether the newly installed pilling box or cork liner is contaminated. The specific usage conditions are as follows: It is used to check whether the test chamber can operate normally. 1. Complete the fuzzing and pilling test of the standard fabric used in the laboratory with the test standard, because the test results of the standard fabric are known in advance. If there is a large deviation between the sample and the scheduled test result during the grading process, it indicates that there is a problem with the test. Frequently used instruments should be checked at least once a week. When infrequently used, check before testing. 2. The random tumbling method is generally not used to test samples treated with silica gel, viscous materials, fabrics with unknown finishing methods, etc. Because during the test, the processing residue of the fabric is easy to contaminate the surface of the cork liner, which will affect the test result. When testing this kind of fabric, it is necessary to use standard samples in the laboratory for auxiliary evaluation. First, test the test sample according to the test method in the standard. Then use the standard fabric to do a comparison test on the used pad surface. If the cork liner is contaminated, the test result of the standard fabric will be different from the test result of the standard fabric on the uncontaminated surface of the liner. After the test, the test results were recorded twice and cleaned or replaced with a new cork liner.
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