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The function of the drop tester and use information

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-08
After drop testing-equipment' target='_blank'>testing machine special used to package design, suffered from falling damage condition. Key used to transport packaging design considerations for examination and assessment of work ability, and improve, improve the product packaging design. On the face of the package, Angle and edge for random drop test, configure digital display aspect ratio and choose display instrument decoder to carry out the aspect ratio tracking, and accurately draw goods falling height to width ratio, falling with preset ratio deviation less than 2%, or 10 mm. Drop tester generally by the impact of the machine body and test system software. Impact experimental linear module, include linear module improve equipment, release, dowel, waveform generator, avoid to produce two falling braking system equipment and the base. Test system software contains an acceleration sensor, charge amplifier, electronic computer containing data acquisition card and facilities inspection, analysis system. Micro drop tester suffered a shock pulse drink efficacy when its component parts, is the impact of instantaneous velocity, and also encourage single pulse wave type, delay time and the resonance frequencies of the component parts. Micro drop tester of main parameters and key performance indicators are: large load, linear module specifications, high speed, larger single pulse delay time adjusting category, impact single pulse wave pattern, to speed up the shift these larger. Drop tester for a mobile phone, telephone receiver, wireless walkie-talkie, MP3, CD, electronic dictionaries and other small and medium-sized electronics consumer goods for drop testing again and again. Put mobile phones in the first to fall within the jig, adjust well suited to the size of the site, servo motor drive vacuum cups will suck on your mobile phone, after rising loose glass sucker, cell phone into a free fall fitness, so constantly until the set frequency. Choose servo motor, SMC vacuum, as mentioned, falling on his mobile phone drive source, can finish the phone waiting for goods falls continuously, to inspect the export goods fell by a certain ratio of impact resistance. Drop tester every test over, must be left arm fall down, to prevent the fall of long-term calibration arm pull play yellow deformation, damage detection actual effect, please complex parts before falling each time the rotation motor end to press down key. New mobile phone to the factory after the installation, should be moderately low concentration between drag round rod car engine oil, prohibited to add rust inhibitor or higher levels of automobile engine oil and inventory backlog of oil containing corrosion materials) 。 If drop tester oiling place after a long time has excessive dust fall please send equipment to lower part try to wipe out before the car engine oil, oil in the juki again. Drop tester impact force reflective equipment, the new application of excessive above 500 times, must put the screw in, in case of common failures, drop test machine of the elevator shaft and drive chain should be on time to add grease. Drive gear reducer for oil pipeline once half a year. Non-work to disconnect all switch power supply, ensure clean elevator shaft. Dilettante practical workers are strictly forbidden to actual operation drop tester. Falling the interpretation of the above is the main functions of the testing machine, the hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about drop test machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  drop tester
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