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Batteries to enforce internal testing machine features description

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-24
Internal short circuit batteries testing machine is temperature, extrusion, voltage, temperature collection is a body comprehensive test equipment, on the basis of Japan industrial standard JISC, 8714:2007 and IEC62133 - 2017 standard latest design research and development production, suitable for single batteries, batteries, batteries, lithium ion battery safety testing of special equipment. The machine adopts PLC remote man-machine interface control, voltage frequency acquisition data of up to 100 hz, at the same time can through the programming procedure set test pressure, pressure holding time, the measured pressure, battery voltage, battery deformation, voltage drop, the test speed, save or print the test results, etc. Feature is introduced: 1, with explosion-proof pressure ( Equipment with the left side of the pressure mouth) , exhaust smoke ( Equipment with the left side of the exhaust valve, test cases of the back is equipped with suction fan) , fire prevention, Fire extinguishing device for matching function) Function and explosion-proof watch ( In the test case positive) 。 Box is equipped with LED energy-saving lamps for lighting, test hole is left open, Ф 50 mm, convenient external voltage, temperature, current collection line) , the department is equipped with a universal wheel at the bottom of four, easy to handle. 2, the temperature control system: mature control technology, PT100 temperature sensor, preciseness detection sensing the temperature in the cabinet, the dynamic balance of PID + temperature control, temperature with low volatility. South Korea imported TEMI1500 truecolor 7 inches color LCD touch screen control, LCD touch screen display, man-machine dialogue interface, test temperature and test time can be set, simple and convenient operation, stable running, high test precision and durable. 3, using imported from France taikang closed compressor, energy saving effect is remarkable. Relying on science, choose adaptive intelligent energy technology, classification of refrigeration. 4, has the power to stop function, power outages, stop heating up the cold; Has the function of fault alarm and prompt, test end alarm function; With compressor overpressure, compressor motor overheating, compressor motor over-current, the cooling fan overheat ( Air cooling) Protection; Has the power to break to buck phase protection; Fan, overload protection, leakage protection, load short circuit protection, over temperature, low temperature protection, abrupt stop switch, circuit protection functions such as short circuit protection function. The respect customer, our company is specialized in the production of battery safety testing equipment, the company currently has extrusion machine, battery needle-punching machine, battery dropping machine, short circuit batteries, battery burning machine, washing machine weight impact machine, battery is full of battery testing equipment, direct manufacturers, quality assurance, after all, you are welcome to choose and buy! Tags: & nbsp  & NBSP battery short circuit batteries to enforce internal testing machine machine manufacturer & NBSP battery short circuit testing machine
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