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Big movement -- — Huawei AI chip 'rise 910'

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-24
Jester testing equipment, according to following HongMeng system, huawei completed a historic feat again! Huawei's huge chip breakthroughs formally exposure in public! When huawei rotating chairman xu straight sides, fascinated with smile, steadily on the stage of the release conference, huawei headquarters all scream! According to the jester understands detection equipment, and other 升暴涨910 & rdquo; Chip both in performance and craft, reached the height of a disruptive! “ 升暴涨910 & rdquo; Chip is 7 nm EUV technology, 32 nuclear technology, such as leonardo Da Vinci mainly has two big window: one, it is the current global work force is very strong, very fast training speed AI chip: 2 times of its work force is the international AI chip, pretty 50 very new very strong current CPU; The training speed than the current very new very strong chip increased 50% 100%. Second, with the open source computing framework supporting a new generation of AI MindSpore mora: its new programming paradigm, AI scientists and engineers are more likely to use, the computing framework can meet the demand of terminal, edge computing, cloud the whole scene, can better protect data privacy; Can open source, form vast applied ecology. At the same time, it is with this release AI chip performance is very good, wider use of chip work force. Jester testing equipment as partner of huawei technologies co. , LTD. , company research and development design production of safety testing equipment widely used in battery, electrician, batteries, electronics, electronic chips, instruments and meters, etc. Company providing professional battery extrusion, acupuncture, battery drop, vibration, battery, battery such as explosion-proof battery safety testing equipment, high and low temperature boxes, constant temperature and humidity box, aging boxes, environmental simulation test equipment, such as salt fog machine at the same time supply tensile machine, shoe leather, bags, mobile phone, umbrellas and other testing equipment. Jester testing equipment company was set up for 12 years, has been committed to become a satisfactory detection equipment manufacturers, the company owns a complete production system and mature production technology, laser cutting machine for the industry take the lead in the introduction of Germany import company, at the same time purchase have CNC lathe, milling machine, CNC bending machine, CNC punching machine and other advanced processing equipment. The products of the company for more than 30 international invention brick and computer copyright, product users super m, has a good reputation in the market.
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