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Hot and cold impact test box USES and installation instructions

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-03
Hot and cold impact test box is suitable for electric, electronic, mechanical and electronic components, automation components, institute of defense industry, aerospace, military industry, communications products or components, automotive products or components, metal materials, chemical materials, metal plastic, light-emitting diodes (leds), liquid crystal optoelectronics, photovoltaic, lighting, BGA, printed circuit boards, electronic chip integrated circuits, semiconductor ceramic and high polymer materials of a physical change. When industrial products in the thermal expansion and cold contraction of the environment, testing its material of cold and hot temperature and chemical or physical damage quickly and repeatedly resistance can confirm from precision IC to heavy machinery parts of the quality of industrial products, and can be used as a basis to improve the quality of many products in the industry or reference. In order to evaluate the adaptability of products or evaluate the behavior of products to be tested. It is the new product research and development, the prototype test and product qualification test in the whole process of an important test method. Hot and cold impact test cases need to install in dry indoor temperature uniformity are clean, and should consider the possibility of a long beam bending test on the machine and the possibility of using reflex experiment extensometer, so laboratory shall retain enough free area around. Hot and cold impact test chamber and dynamometer body installation does not need special basis, and according to the foundation drawing to prepare general foundation, only reserve base for pouring and fixed screw holes. Looking for hot and cold impact test the level of the box body, can put the level on the oil cylinder of cylindrical, according to the vertical, horizontal and horizontal direction of the base to find a good level. Using precision of 0. Find a grid of 10/1000 of a millimeter level. If not, add a cushion under the base to adjust. Hot and cold impact test box cover an area of an area small, compact structure, beautiful appearance. Refrigeration unit is placed in a separate unit box, in order to reduce the refrigeration unit during a run to the effect of the vibration and noise of the test. At the same time, easy installation and maintenance of the unit. Electrical control panel is located in the test box on the left side of the panel, in order to facilitate operation. The product contour artistic, structure reasonable, advanced technology, fine material, simple performance, equipment performance and reliability. Hot and cold impact test box of high quality appearance design of circular arc shape, surface stripe processing/surface treatment of the lacquer that bake, anti-blast infrared-tube flat handle, easy to make, safe and reliable. Provide a rectangular laminated glass observation window, can be used to observe in the test the test object, anti-perspiration electric heating device can prevent the condensed water condensation on the Windows, high brightness fluorescent lights in the Windows, keep the lighting in the cabinet. Double insulated silica gel door sealing strip can effectively isolate the internal temperature of leakage. It has an external water supply system, convenient supplement humidification and water, and can filter and recycle, automatic recovery, to save water. Refrigeration dehumidification system adopts imported brand compressor, energy saving, low noise, low energy consumption, stable performance, etc. The above explanation is the hot and cold impact test box of use and installation instructions, hope can help you, if you want to know more information about hot and cold impact test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  hot and cold impact test cases
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