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How to break through the long-term monopoly of shoe material testers

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-11
Compared with foreign countries, my country's shoe material tester started relatively late, so for a long time, foreign products have long monopolized the domestic mid-to-high-end market. Therefore, at present, it is the domestic manufacturer to understand the market pattern and correctly position to find a breakthrough. The right choice to enter the high-end market. In view of the current domestic market situation, the main reasons for the bleak market of China's shoe material tester are as follows: 1. Domestic manufacturers have limited technology and insufficient capabilities, and some high-end products are still blank areas in China; 2. Performance and indicators of domestic products And the parameters are not up to international standards, and the stability is relatively poor; 3. The gap in market operation, application performance and method research between China and Europe and the United States is relatively obvious; 4. Mid-to-high-end users do not know enough about domestic products, domestic manufacturers The confidence is also insufficient. So how to find a breakthrough and break the previous market pattern, Jester gives several suggestions to colleagues: 1. Improve the reliability and automation of existing products, and further improve the after-sales system; 2. Choose high-end users to achieve some Breakthrough in the application of key products; 3. Make import substitution as a key focus and follow-up object, and seek business opportunities from a large number of users of imported products; 4. Reasonable division of labor and cooperation between production, education, research and use to build a complete industry supporting and service system 5. Innovate the business model of the enterprise and explore a new path for the development of the industry. Under the background of relatively saturated market and particularly fierce competition, if domestic shoe material tester manufacturers want to narrow the gap with the advanced level of foreign countries, they need to find and understand the gap, learn humbly, innovate hard, and constantly improve and Self-upgrade, and make timely strategic adjustments in accordance with market demand, in order to be invincible.
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