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How to check the electric meter of the impact testing machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-12
Impact testing machines are generally used for large-scale textile testing. The requirements are relatively strict. The electric meter is very important. If there is a problem, it will affect the overall operation. For this reason, you need to know how to check on site to ensure Able to operate normally. 1. Measuring line voltage: textile instrument manufacturers introduce the use of a multimeter to measure the line voltage between the voltage terminals of the impact test electromechanical meter. Normally, Uabu003dUbcu003dUcau003d100V (generally the actual primary voltage is higher than the rated voltage, and the secondary voltage is also slightly Higher than 100V) If the measured result is Uabu003d0, Ubcu003dUcau003d100V, then the A phase voltage is disconnected, Uabu003dUbcu003d50V, Ucau003d100V, then the B phase voltage is disconnected, Uabu003dUcau003d 100V, Ubcu003d0, it means that the phase C voltage is disconnected. 2. Disconnect B-phase voltage method: When the load is stable and the wiring is correct, disconnect the B-phase voltage of the meter. At this time, the voltage that the meter voltage coil bears is half of the rated voltage, so the meter still rotates forward and the speed is reduced by half. If the meter does not slow down by half after disconnecting the B-phase voltage, it means that the wiring is definitely wrong, and vice versa. 3. Correct the wiring: After checking the wrong wiring, the wiring should be changed to the normal wiring of the positive phase sequence, that is, the B-phase voltage is connected to the middle voltage terminal button of the meter, the A-phase component is added with the line voltage Uab and the current Ia, and the C-phase component is added. Line voltage Ucb and current Ic. 4. Textile instrument manufacturers introduce the error detection of the impact test electromechanical meter: the error detection is basically the same as the three-phase four-wire meter. In the approximation method, if it is directly connected to the secondary circuit, Ki takes 1 to calculate: if the current and voltage are matched The primary current and voltage displayed on the electric screen need to be converted to the secondary current and voltage calculation.
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