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Jiangsu god dentsu and keep good cooperation

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-10
Jiangsu base dentsu cooperation with jester god began in 2015, has always maintained good relations of cooperation, during we go all out to do a good job of service, thank god, jiangsu base dentsu for jess in Trinidad and Tobago's support and trust. Suzhou god base dentsu is the base of science and technology, is engaged in the rugged calculator in China sales and service enterprises, god base of science and technology was founded in 1989, for lianhua avatar group, one of the relationship between enterprises, mainly engaged in the rugged notebook research and development design, production, sales and marketing, is the world's few company with research and development production of military rule, special specifications technology, and has complete rugged notebook lineup, including rugged laptops, tablets, the portable handheld devices, such as PDA, GPS products application field widely, applicable to the military police units, government, public security, public utilities, communications, manufacturing, marketing services, and other different vertical market, is one of the best rugged computing industry. Suzhou base dentsu main god bought our battery weight impact testing machine, extrusion machine, battery safety performance testing equipment. We all know that the battery safety performance is mainly the characteristics of the battery, emergencies, improper application, the environment changes, etc. The incident ( Such as battery to be squeezed, acupuncture, etc. ) , improper application, Such as overcharge, discharge, etc. ) The environmental change ( Such as high temperature, high humidity environment, etc. ) Was the cause of the main safety problems, so a good battery in need through inspection, battery production enterprises to purchase safety testing equipment is very necessary. Jester testing equipment co. , LTD is a professional research and development design, production, sales of battery safety testing equipment of high-tech enterprises, our new offer one year free warranty service. R&d and production in the industry we are zui early one of battery safety performance test equipment manufacturers, after 12 years of rapid development, our company owns a complete production system and mature production technology, for more than 30 of the invention patent certificate, more than a dozen computer copyright certificate, certificate of honor more than a dozen high-tech products, product market reputation is good, the best-selling domestic and exported to overseas. If you have a need to buy test equipment, can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Tags: & nbsp  jester & NBSP battery safety performance testing instrument equipment & NBSP jester battery testing equipment
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