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Large platform of textile tester has great potential for aggregation

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-15
Textile Tester In previous electronic industry exhibitions, the textile tester exhibition area has always been the focus of the exhibitors. In the exchange activities of new products and new technologies, the role of the electronic exhibition platform is becoming more and more obvious. In the 84th China Electronics Show held this fall, the textile tester exhibition area also showed a new trend of 'fire before the show'. Many businesses have regarded the electronics show as a bridge between manufacturers and the market. Here not only can obtain the first-line market information dynamics, but also can carry out comprehensive exchanges with brother industries, and expand a broader innovation path for the introduction of new technologies and product upgrades. According to the person in charge of the 84th China Electronics Fair, during the registration stage of the Electronics Fair, the number of participating manufacturers has reached the highest level in the past years, and many manufacturers are gradually entering, the integration of business advantages and industry advantages , Demonstrating the highest strength of the textile tester industry in this electronics exhibition. As the top event in the electronics industry this year, the exhibition will maximize its platform advantages, guide businesses to explore the potential of the industry, form an overall breakthrough from technology to market, from resources to benefits, from domestic to international, and strengthen technical exchanges and market expansion. At the same time, it can also gather super power for the future development of the textile tester industry.
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