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Temperature and humidity and humidity test chamber is suitable for all kinds of small electrical test

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-01
Jester constant temperature and humidity test chamber is suitable for all kinds of small appliances, all kinds of material, electronic electrician semi-finished products, finished products, such as high and low temperature constant and the gradient, mutation, alternating hot and humid test environment simulation reliability test. The machine adopts reasonable structure and stable and reliable control method, the whole welding design, appearance is beautiful and easy, safe, easy operation, stable running, high precision of temperature and humidity control. Is the laboratory, production workshop to do the ideal equipment of constant humid heat test. This series of products comply with GB/T 2423. 3 the electrical and electronic products environmental test method test Cab constant humid heat test, GJB - 150 2009 'military equipment laboratory test method' and other national and international testing standards. Jester constant temperature and humidity test chamber structure performance advantages: 1, using imported microcomputer large LCD LCD display control system, in both English and Chinese LCD touch screen, multiple sets of PID control function, and in the form of data display on the screen; 2, heating system for fin chip nickel-chromium alloy electric heat pipe, the relative heat wire heater more reliable, longer life; 3、“ Throughout France taikang enclosed piston compressor &; Of enclosed vortex compressor, refrigeration system, to ensure the cooling requirement of studio; 4, in order to guarantee high evenness index, chamber is equipped with internal circulation air supply system, air duct intercalation, the distribution of the heater, refrigeration evaporator, dehumidifier, blades, etc; 5, water supply system USES built-in stainless steel circulation water tank, water consumption is low, the cycle stability; 6, leakage protection, overtemperature protection functions such as alarm and overtemperature protection. 7, studio USES the whole welding process, welding level off is smooth. Square keel steel as the support structure, the cases of mirror stainless steel, carton steel and processed by advanced vertical lines of the lacquer that bake. 8, wide range of test temperature: - 70℃~+150℃。 Dear customer: hello, thank you for your attention to our company product, jester constant temperature and humidity test chamber series product capacity respectively are 80 l, 150 l, 225 l, 408 l, 800 l, 1000 l, also can accept customized products, in addition to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, we have high and low temperature test chamber, hot and cold shock box, uv aging test chamber, salt spray test chamber, sand dust box, get wet in the rain room, aging room and other environmental testing equipment. One-stop technology solution, if you have any purchase demand, are interested in our products, welcome your consultation to buy their products. Tags: & nbsp  environmental testing equipment, jester constant temperature and humidity box, constant temperature and humidity box manufacturers
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