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Tensile machine adjustment method of what?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-10-28
Tensile machine adjustment method of what? Instrument co. , LTD. , points out that in the use of traction machine is to adjust the machine, by changing the position or size between parts, ensure the accuracy of the product to improve the accuracy of the test data, then what are the adjustment method of tensile machine? Tensile machine adjustment methods can be divided into moving adjustment method and adjustment method. 1. Movable adjustment method: by changing the position to meet the requirements of assembly accuracy of adjustment. Pressure pull machine, for example, eliminate the thread clearance agency, with a rotating screw to adjust the spring pressure, eliminate the thread clearance. 2. Fixed adjustment method: by selected to adjust some parts ( Such as gaskets, washers, bushings, etc. ) 。 According to the assembly accuracy to determine the size of the piece, in order to achieve the assembly accuracy requirements. Lifting mechanism, for example, in order to ensure tensile machine in the worm gear and worm in the same plane, usually with adjustable gasket to adjust the position of the worm gear. If you can according to the above tensile machine adjustment method, can make the machine accuracy is higher, it will be more accurate test results.
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