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The fabric strength testing what kinds and test methods

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-12
1, fabric test main projects: A, yarn count, density B, C, D, G, sliding stretching tears E, F, G, wear-resisting, elongation, PILLING reply I (H The pilling resistance) 2, specify: yarn count, density, weight, yarn count (A The thickness of yarn) : English ( NE) And moisture regain of 9. 89% when 1 pound of cotton yarn with the length of 840 yards of multiples. B, density: 1 IN each yarn IN the root of the number. C, cloth: ounces per square yard cloth or cloth gram per square metre. A 1, the purpose, scope, fabric tensile strength: used to test the fabric tensile strength, and is suitable for almost all of the woven fabric strength testing. 2, classification: grab sample method ( 获取测试) And strip method ( 带测试) 。 A, including ASTM D5034, ISO13934 - grab sample method 2, JCP, NEXT, and so on. The principle for the strength test only in clamp clips sample after the middle of 1 inch, load, until the sample is pulled apart or cause drag mark. Including ISO13934 - B, strip method 1、JIS L1096A GB、雅戈尔、M& S, DIN, etc. Its principle is: the provisions of the size of the sample are all clips, at a constant rate stretching, even break, record the maximum breaking strength and breaking elongation. 3, note: A, the test sample should be paid attention to the tensile direction parallel to the direction of the yarn, not tilt. B, ensure sample does not contain the same weft yarn. C, sampling, away from the edge to more than 150 mm. D, pay attention to dobby ribbed meridional stress of biaxial fabric should be uniform, otherwise the test may not be broken at the same time. 2, 1 fabric tear strength, purpose: using pendulum fall way to test the fabric from the incision tear the average force required. 2, principle: sample before testing, from the center of the clamping of the sample, the determination after all mouth tear direction, tear resistance use couple of principle part displayed on the screen tearing machine, read the data. 3, note: A latitude and longitude, to take 5 pieces of samples each, diagonally sampling, to ensure between sample does not contain the same weft yarn. B and more than 150 mm from edge sampling, to ensure that the tear direction and the yarn in the same direction. C, if learn to sample yarn, template short side should be parallel to weft, slit cannot cut the weft, weft to sample the same. D, tear, if sample slide or tearing mouth is oblique line, need to test. Three, fabric stitches slip 1, purpose: to test weaving fabric stitches slip resistance ability. 2, principle, measure stitches slip resistance of fabric woven fabric yarn after folding, stitches along width direction, cut open after a certain distance away from the joints and using tensile test machine. Can be divided into: A, shedding load ( ASTM D434 BS 3320年,DIN 53868年M& 年代,接下来,JCP) Stitches, determination for a little while opening ( General is 6 mm, M& S to 2. 5 mm, DIN 53868 is 4 mm) The required force; B, concentration measurement opening ( GB / T 2660 - 1999、JIS、NF) , the results of the determination for a maximum distance of sample release seam. Four, the martindale abrasion test fabric abrasion resistance. Under the pressure of known, will be installed in the sample holder sample and standard on the friction under certain pressure ( 9 kp) Mutual friction with LISSAJOUS circle until the fabric mill to break two or more than two root yarn. Record the number of friction at the termination of the experiments. Instrument co. , LTD is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative features huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, professional production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments, toys, textile testing instrument testing instruments and general testing instrument. You are welcome to inquire.
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