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Brief introduction of fabric pilling test instrument

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-08
Test method (S): ASTM D 3512·ASTM D 49-70·ASTM D·3511·AATCC ASTM Area No.008 ASTM Standard Test Method 3512 Textile fabrics resistant to pilling and other related surface changes: (random roller pilling tester )S Random area Scope: A random area used for determining the formation of drug resistance and other related surface changes of textiles and pilling of textiles. Specimen 3 is laundered, and then the textile air-conditioning edge 3 4'X4' in atmospheric conditions is the square of deviations and the paper cut is allowed to dry and glue the sealed specimen to be placed in a 3 chamber and a gray cotton fiber (2) and original pilling Tumbled 30-minute specimens are watching the photographic device evaluation standard (ASTM adjd 3512) or in the building structure standard; ASTM D 4970, the standard test method for anti-pilling fabrics and other related surface changes: Martindale Apparatus Abrasion Tester Business Scope: Determine the resistance to form pellets and other related surface changes on the fabric with a Martindale apparatus* The specimens are washed 3 times and then the textile specimens under atmospheric conditions are mounted on the bottom table, and a Lissajous in the sample holder is used to perform a cycle. One cycle includes the operation of the machine shown in Figure 16 for 100 cycles. The evaluation can run up to 1000 cycles. The specimens in the 100-cycle evaluation interval are in the viewing device for the standard evaluation of photography (ASTM adjd 3512) or the standard sample clamping pressure of indoor fabrics is 3kPa* Note: This test method does not apply to fabrics with a thickness greater than 3mm (0.125.) Because such fabrics cannot be installed in the sample holder ASTM D 3511, the standard test method for anti-pilling fabrics and other related surface changes: (pilling tester) ) Brushing shot test business scope: a brush type pilling tester for fabrics to determine resistance to forming shots and other related surface changes. The condition of the sample is that 6 specimens of textiles under atmospheric conditions are cut into 9' x 9' squares, each time from the right, center, and left area of u200bu200bthe entire width of the specimen, the specimen is installed and brushed for 4 minutes, and then the specimen is installed on the surface and ran 2 specimens Standard evaluation of photography in observation equipment (ASTM adjd 3512) or standard AATCC, ASTM ts-008 for indoor fabrics, procedures for the appearance of clothing and other textiles after repeated washing AATCC approved gasket and dryerscope: evaluation of clothing and other after repeated washing The overall appearance specimens of textile products are washed 5 times, and then the textile specimens under atmospheric conditions are viewed in the standard evaluation device for photography (ASTM adjd 3512) or home textile standards and the original unlaundered control. More about textile instruments: http://www. standard-groups.com/TextileGarment/8.html
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