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The Development and Significance of Textile Safety Performance Testing

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-23
For a long time, it has been difficult to smoothly perform work to verify whether the markings of the clothing components are correct. Therefore, the labeling standards for textile labels should be implemented in the form of legal texts for marking all components of home textiles, such as fibers, yarns, fabrics and clothing. In recent years, the world's requirements for the safety performance of textiles have undergone great changes, and many countries have established various regulations and decrees related to hazardous chemical substances. The entire international textile market has gradually formed three key issues: safety issues, dangerous chemical conditions and whether there are eco-labels. With the increasing globalization of textile equipment in the industry and the deepening of people's attention to ecology and safety, green barriers and quality and safety issues are becoming new trade barriers. The concepts of 'green textiles' and 'ecological textiles' have quickly entered the field of international textiles and clothing trade, and countries have put forward higher requirements for the 'safety' of textiles and clothing during use. Under this circumstance, textile companies must enhance their competitiveness in the fierce global competition and keep pace with the times. This is the important significance of the team's efforts to develop textile testing instruments.
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