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The grief of the manufacturing industry this winter: You changed coal to gas and I changed it! Tell me I'm out of anger

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-25
Zhao Benshan said that the saddest thing in a person's life is: people are still alive and money is gone. For many manufacturing companies, this kind of sorrow appeared this winter: You changed coal to gas, I changed it, and after the change, you tell me that the gas is gone! Since the State Council issued the 'Air Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan' on September 10, 2013, air pollution control policies have been successively introduced across the country. Under the pressure of environmental protection, various regions have also set off a 'coal to gas' upsurge. Many companies ' Gritting his teeth' replaced the coal-fired boiler with a gas-fired boiler. However, when the coal-to-gas conversion was over, many companies found that the supply of natural gas was not sufficient, and 'food shortages' became a normal phenomenon. Especially after the heating season, natural gas supply in Shandong, Hebei and other places has been cut off, and some companies have been caught in an embarrassing situation of having a meal without a meal. In Langfang City, Hebei alone, 449 companies have recently stopped production and restricted production. my country's natural gas supply gap is large. According to the 'China Natural Gas Development Report (2017)In 2016, China imported 72.1 billion cubic meters of natural gas, accounting for 35.0% of total consumption. According to statistics, in the first half of 2017, my country's natural gas consumption was 114.6 billion cubic meters, a year-on-year increase of 15.2%. In fact, the current annual natural gas supply in the country is only about 200 billion cubic meters, of which two-thirds are used for civilian use, and industrial gas is only about 60 billion cubic meters. This has caused since the beginning of winter, all localities and all gas industries have been calling for 'gas shortage' and 'begging for gas'. Even the western regions of Xinjiang, Sichuan, Qinghai, and Shaanxi that are guarding the 'atmospheric basin' are shouting 'not enough air.' The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in early December 2017, the price of LNG rose by 23.6% compared to late November, or 1330.4 yuan/ton. According to media reports, Chinese natural gas importers are currently vying to purchase natural gas supplies, and this demand has pushed up Asian LNG prices to a three-year high. How to solve the 'panic' problem? (1) Promote the construction of underground gas storage and enhance peak shaving capacity. Natural gas consumption has obvious seasonality. Natural gas peak shaving mainly relies on underground gas storage, LNG and natural gas fields. At present, my country’s underground gas storage is only less than 20%. seat. At the same time, the problem of my country's natural gas price mechanism has not been clarified, and enterprises lack the motivation to build underground gas storage. The country should speed up the reform of natural gas prices and allow the market to determine prices, so as to facilitate the construction of commercial reserves and finally solve the problem of the winter gas shortage. (2) Development of unconventional natural gas as a supplement. On the basis of expanding conventional natural gas production, it can be supplemented by the development of unconventional natural gas such as shale gas, tight gas, and coal-to-gas. However, under the current situation, due to the low permeability of shale gas reservoirs, the difficulty of mining, and the unformed development technology, the development investment is high, the output is low, the investment recovery is slow, and the initial input and output are seriously unbalanced. To a certain extent, it has affected the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop shale gas. The state should clarify the shale gas resource tax rate as soon as possible, implement preferential policies for shale gas resource tax reduction and exemption, temporarily exempt or reduce shale gas resource tax, increase the enthusiasm of mining enterprises and social capital to explore and develop shale gas, and promote shale gas The industry is developing rapidly and rapidly, and adjusting my country's natural gas supply structure. (3) Gas is suitable for gas, coal is suitable for coal. Under the pressure of smog, coal is not useless, and natural gas is not absolutely clean. Both natural gas and coal are fossil energy sources, and both have a clean combustion problem. The poor combustion of natural gas will also bring about the control of nitrogen oxides, and nitrogen oxides are also not conducive to the expulsion of smog. And coal is not useless. The progress of coal use technology at home and abroad has proved that coal can be used cleanly, and the pollutants emitted into the atmosphere when advanced clean coal use technology is adopted can greatly reduce or even meet the same requirements as when using natural gas. Regardless of whether it is “to change coal to gas” or “to change gas to coal”, we should proceed from reality and adapt measures to local conditions. Gas is suitable for gas and coal is suitable for coal.
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