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The internal structure of constant temperature and humidity test chamber configuration

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-09
Constant temperature and humidity test chamber temperature control is according to the shell embedded temperature sensor, collect data, the temperature control instrument ( Small information content CPU) Adjustment, access to the gas heating module to complete ascension or adjust refrigerating temperature relay to reduce the temperature of the casing, to achieve the necessary to control temperature. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber environmental humidity adjustment is based on body temperature sensor, data acquisition, the humidity controller ( Small information content CPU) Adjustment, access to the stainless steel water tank heating components, according to the volatilization of stainless steel sink to complete ascension box body of the water in the environment humidity or adjust refrigerating relay to complete clearing damp effect, to be necessary to manipulate the environment humidity. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber to set up a variety of security measures; Temperature system software can be set up in older safety under the permissible temperature standard, equipped with thermal protector, gas heating components can turn over a cooling fan to terminate and automatic shut off the power; Humidifying system software with the humidifying tank water level to reduce and end the power supply system; Refrigeration unit with shell temperature rises too ( More than 40 ℃) Or environment humidity increase and stop working. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber according to turn the cooling fan installed at the top of the box body, will complete the steam circulation system, the gas into the shell equilibrium box body temperature, environment humidity, embedded by the shell temperature, temperature sensor to collect data and information, to the temperature and humidity controller ( Small information content CPU) In writing, distributed temperature control desiccant-wheel based command, according to the gas heating module, the condenser pipe and stainless steel water trough in heating volatilization module to cooperate with each other. Constant temperature and humidity test chamber is made of CNC lathe processing forming, the modelling of having a unique style, novel design, reaction and selects the handle, the actual operation is simple. Personal studio chooses import senior mirror stainless steel stainless steel and thick shell outside bile selects A3 steel plate electrostatic pensu. Outer and inner shell add very fine heat preservation material, heat insulation effect is very good, and reasonable to reduce the temperature fluctuation in the experiment box, to cooperate with each other tight sealing, aging resistant silicon silicone seal shell no mist leakage conditions. Because of hard environment, in experiment box to check on the status of the experimental box, wuhan is measured at the window level is to adopt double-layer tempered laminated glass making, and in the Windows and fog brush set independent lighting lamps and lanterns, stable view check, regulatory experiment condition anytime and anywhere. Professional nature, to collect information on the experimental data, the shell is equipped with a diameter of 50 mm inspection hole, can join LuXiangYi, photocopiers and computers. Humidifying is constant temperature and humidity test chamber is different from the most critical part of the high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber choose external protection type, full stainless steel plate type heating furnace play a volatile type air humidifier. Dehumidification method selects mechanical equipment cooling dehumidification, evaporative cooling to the moisture content of the following, make over saturation moisture content of vapor coagulation dissolution, as environmental humidity is reduced. Respiratory: exhaust gases respiratory system by high temperature resistant low noise the central KongDiaoXing motor, leafy type suction filter of the impeller. It presented the tester in the circulation system of the gas. Automatic control system is the key to the constant temperature and humidity test chamber, it is the decision of the tester temperature speed, precision and so on key parameter values. Most of the control panel tester chooses PID control, is also a small number of select PID controller design and phase composition of the control method. Because most of the automatic control system belongs to the scope of the mobile phone software and the part in the application process, generally not prone to problems. The above explanation is the internal structure of constant temperature and humidity test chamber configuration, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information of constant temperature and humidity test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  constant temperature and humidity test chamber
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