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Toys testing instruments both at home and abroad gap in where

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-25
Testing instruments in China and abroad testing instrument has certain differences, although now China instrumentation equipment manufacturing becomes more sophisticated, but with foreign comparison is still exist must interval, instrument in detecting instrument produces has ten years of experience, has always been be absorbed in the research and development, also absorbed a lot of good outside some information, on the basis of toys and testing instrument for now, with uv aging boxes do according to the following: one, distance, low degree of digital, intelligent, integrated 1, ultraviolet aging box is characterized by tendency of digitalization, intelligence, collection and integration 2, Chinese products are mostly in the conventional varieties, smart products has just started. Because of the large root, in the digital control technology of distance more today. Second, lower reliability of product 1, the whole modern ultraviolet aging box is characterized by high reliability, high function and high usability. 2, most of the products and foreign products from Chinese companies also is in this respect. Three, poor high-tech 1, foreign intelligence ultraviolet aging box has chosen frequency control of motor speed, the new motor, low consumption, intelligence and new technologies such as fieldbus. 2, only preliminary starts within China. Four, incomplete breed standard domestic ultraviolet aging box on the benchmark measurement range lack 1 kpa micro under low pressure, height of more than 800 kpa pressure range, more than 16 mpa high static pressure, corrosion resistance and other standard products, so the special needs of some engineering or companies use means less than satisfied. Five ultraviolet aging, low automation level 1 and foreign instrument box by computer monitor in time. 2, the domestic ultraviolet aging box, in many ways need manual operation as usual. Six, senior product less 1, senior Chinese experiment box products less, and even is blank. 2, zeeman scenery proofreading techniques have been established abroad advanced equipment, domestic haven't research and development, the high-end need first depends on import. Although the testing instrument there is still a big gap between both at home and abroad, but the instrument co. , LTD. Is located in the songshan lake high-tech industrial park, the most innovative converged the huazhong university of science and technology mechanical nc manufacturing engineering research and software research and development core team, are trying to bridge the gap between the instrument with a foreign, specializing in the production and research and development of all kinds of furniture testing instruments and toys testing instruments.
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