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How to test the oil content of chemical fiber yarn?

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-12
Today, we will discuss with the editor of Changzhou No.1 Textiles the experimental process of the oil content of chemical fiber filaments and some points to note.   1. Before the test, clean and dry the round-bottomed flask and the grease extractor, and weigh the dry weight of the round-bottomed flask^.  2. Randomly select two wool (or chemical fibers) from the test samples, each weighing 5g (chemical fiber 3g), and make parallel tests.  3. Wrap the sample into a cylindrical shape with degreasing filter paper and put it into the extractor, the height of the cylindrical shape is lower than the overflow. The solvent is poured into the round-bottom flask, the whole set of equipment is connected and placed on the electric heating constant temperature water bath, the condenser is connected to the circulating condensate water.   4. Turn on the power of the water bath, adjust the temperature of the water bath according to the boiling point of the solvent, and the solvent will continue to reflux. The total number of reflux times and use time are determined according to the selected solvent, generally 12~18 times of reflux (18 times of ether, no less than 2 times; 12 times of carbon tetrachloride and phenyl alcohol, no less than 3 hours) The oil in the sample is fully washed. 5. After the extraction is completed, take out the sample, distill and recover the solvent, put the grease and the sample left in the round bottom flask into a 105 20C oven and bake to constant weight (generally bake 2~2.5h), and weigh the flask and the grease The weight and the dry weight of the sample, all weighing must be accurate to 0.001g. 6. The actual oil content of the sample should be calculated on the average of the test results of the two samples. If the difference between the two results is that the oil top exceeds 0.5% and the dry top exceeds 0.2%, the third sample test should be carried out. , And finally calculate the average of 3 test results. If the difference between the two samples of fiber finish is more than 2.5% of the average, re-sampling must be performed and a parallel test shall be carried out. Finally, the results of 4 times are averaged.
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