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Parameter analysis of button strength machine

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-04-14
[Name]: Button tester [Model]: G201 [Use]: The strength of the vertical pull test on buttons and clothing, and buttons and buttons do not pull off the clothing. [Principle]: The upper and lower clamps of the tensile tester clamp the garment parts. The clamp moves at the set speed until the part falls off. Record the intensity and method of shedding. [Compliant with standards] ASTM D7142-2/F963, CFR 1500, EN 71 PART1, GB 6675, ISO 8124, Mu0026P P115A [Standard configuration]: 1, tension seat 2, push-pull force meter 3, two-jaw pliers 4, three-jaw pliers 5. Tension clamp 6. Bottom fabric fixture 7. Male button fixture 8. Female button fixture size: 280*220*777mm [Product features] 1. The position of the test table can be raised and fixed by the handle to facilitate sample replacement. 2. The horizontal first-wheel operation is designed with ergonomic principles to make the operator more comfortable. 3. The safe design of the lock makes the operation safer and more reliable. 4. With the special long rack, the extended test range is wider. 5. The lower clamping pliers ( Model STA -0042) 6. The spring design with hidden core greatly improves the pin tightening force and ensures the test repeatability. G. The upper button clamp (model: SAT-0041) H. It is the most convenient design and can reduce the sample size. Damage caused by slippage during the test. More about the button power machine: http://www.standard-groups.com/OfficeFurniture/
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