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The main purpose of the battery drop tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-26
Battery drop testing machine special used to packaging design suffered from falling damage, and evaluation of transport carrying the whole process of shock compressive strength. Choose single column orientation. Fall frequency ratio can be set, work smoothly, edges can be completed. Surface. Consider the GB/T4857 Angle to fall. 5 - 92. ISO2248- 1972E. This machine selects the optical manipulation, aspect ratio can be set up seven gears falling, optional also choose falling height to width ratio, free fall use electromagnetic induction manipulation, can make the specimen for an instant fall at random, to the packaging material to carry out the edges. Angle. Plan to carry out the falling impact test. Assess shock compressive strength when shipping transport process. Battery drop tester for mobile phone ( On the phone) , radio and electronic devices, building intercom telephone, and CD/MD/MP3 and other small and medium-sized consumer electronics products and components of the random fall experiment; The selection of pneumatic equipment, will be testing a special fixture (place Adjustable travel arrangements) Clip, press and hold down key, cylinder loose, sample will be free fall test, falling ratio can make the transformation direction, altimeter can learn sample fall height to width ratio, the machine characteristics, important components varied falling wood are available. Battery drop tester use pneumatic structure, will be testing a special fixture (place Adjustable travel arrangements) Clip, press and hold down key, cylinder loose, sample will be free fall test. Falling ratio can make the transformation direction, with aspect ratio scale, sample fall ratio may be revealed. The machine important components are the features of Japan's country of origin, variety falling wood floor are available, can consider to different experiment specification. Detection after the automatic display information instantaneous velocity and its rate, reasonable processing content block rotation problem in a fall, collision position accurately. Battery drop testing machine selection of electric hoist, pneumatic fall, elevator precision positioning precision, convenient, believable fall; Equipped with special pneumatic fixtures ( Adjustable travel arrangements) , jig front-end development with silica gel ( To prevent against goods or operators) On his mobile phone, can carry out a variety of specifications of drop test; Fall high aspect ratio by the motor drive, precision extruder screw drive system conversion direction, stable operation, low noise, no necessary to move left and right sides, each with scale scale, can accurate know parts falling height to width ratio, the goods can be never the same perspective in fall. The interpretation of the above is the main purpose of the battery drop testing machine, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about cell drop testing machine of relevant information, welcome to online consultation service suppliers or dial the service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  battery drop tester
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