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Domestic instrument meter how to seize the opportunity to catch up

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-19
A less demand traction this traction should first performance in scientific research, technology development and production of specific tasks demand for some kind of instrument. Have the demand, will someone to development and production of equipment, if the instrument can occupy the market and achieve considerable economic benefits, will someone to do it. Current traction drive of the main problem is our research is far from to be the leader of the world today, but is tracking the majority. This state of scientific instruments has been commercialized, the mature products is rich, is available. Buyers who currently have sufficient funds tend to purchase more ready import instruments, seems to be in addition to defense in the areas of demand of high-end equipment, few people are willing to conduct independent research and development or buying domestic equipment. In fact, the real is expected to do the experiment of the world's leading standard scientific research work must rely on advanced scientific instruments have their own characteristics, in particular those applied to many new principles, new methods of independent research and development of new technology and equipment, such instruments have no ready-made products to buy, even if there is similar also need to buy back again upgrade and system integration. Obviously, if do not take the instrument of research and development, the experimental method on this link easily lost key inning, directly in the international competition of science and technology into their own in the backward position. To form an effective traction high-end research and development of scientific instruments, on the one hand, the research work to go beyond the current tracking imitate phase of the 'second' level, reached the international leading level of 'first class'; Instrument development level itself, on the other hand, also want to go up, help them to establish confidence in domestic scientific instruments. Owe investment and policy instruments in China is currently research and development spending is insufficient, but also very uneven, so 'money' is long plagued instrument research and development work. We should note that, in addition to the direct investment, now use money on purchasing instruments, on the part of the actual research and development of the indirect use, because if the domestic scientific research institutes can spend more money to purchase domestically produced a new type of scientific instruments, can make the innovation of the domestic scientific instruments - Research and development - Sales to form a smooth flow of virtuous cycle, such as to make enterprises willing to invest large sums of money in r&d link, so it is easy to stable development and production team, will naturally very beneficial to innovation. Therefore, in the scientific instruments purchase budget arrangement, also should have appropriate policies to encourage scientific research institutes buying domestic instruments, while the domestic instrument on technical indicators can not be fully compete with imported instruments, but in terms of use, maintenance, and repair are much cheaper than imported instruments and convenience. In order to do well the originality of the research and development of scientific instruments, project departments should put the instrument results of independent research and development as one of the important evaluation index of scientific research project, each unit in the employee evaluation and incentive system, should clear improvements in the development of new instruments and the workload calculation standard and the corresponding reward specifications, so as to encourage employees to actively participate in research and development of scientific instruments. Three owe basis and domestic scientific instruments for research and development foundation, foundation is weak. This comes as China's relatively backward in basic materials and processing technology, this kind of backward affected, including instrument and meter industry, the whole world of industrial technology. Mainly on the basis of commonly used materials and components quality is not good enough, though in ordinary civil technology can make do with, but for high-end research instruments, it is hard to ensure that its technical indicators can meet the requirements of the scientific research; Sometimes, although can through the best of 'optimum' to select the most suitable material and devices, but the cost is too high it is difficult to be industrialized mass production and use. Foundation is weak, on the other hand refers to theoretical basis. Do instrument research and development at present is mainly engineering and technical personnel, they is usually lower than those in the field of theoretical level need to use the instrument do research scientists, for some instrument research and development related important scientific principles no understand or master is not comprehensive, is difficult to the related principle of instrument truly achieve mastery through a comprehensive study, and therefore difficult to quickly form a new design. In addition, as a branch of university education system, and a lot of research and technical development personnel a wide enough range of knowledge also affects their ability to research and development of the instrument.
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