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Hot and cold impact test chamber can't detect which products?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-12-12
Hot and cold impact test chamber is prohibited to test flammability, inflammable and explosive, volatile and corrosive goods, otherwise will cause the safety in production accident equipment damage or failure test results. Avoid start-stop often hot and cold impact test box ( Machinery and equipment as far as possible need not to stop after five minutes is up and running again) Industrial equipment, prevent increase refrigerating units refrigerating unit load, damage the service life of diesel generators. Cold and hot shock tests test box before running environment is locked, the door is locked, otherwise will cause the studio gas leak, not the characteristics of the test of requirements. Should be made of special guy in operation process of cold and hot shock chamber, to prevent unnecessary damage because the operation is not standard. If machinery and equipment operation standard test below 0 ℃ ultra-low temperature, avoid the door is opened the environmental testing, because in the operating temperature test, if open the tail gate of the refrigerating units, air conditioning evaporator and other parts of the frosty case, especially when the lower test temperature value in more severe cases, if open the electric tail gate as far as possible, you should try to reduce the time to open the door. Test stand volume rose can not hurt studio airflow balance and smooth, otherwise will hurt the basic principle of hot and cold impact test chamber characteristic and test. Space within the quadrilateral cycle airflow direction of informal section, testing the area number of things can't exceed studio 1/3 of the direction of the cross section. Cryogenic tests when using hot and cold impact test cases after operation, as far as possible, and then set test temperature specification for about 30 minutes after 30 ℃ dry processing execution ( Back to the normal temperature condition, the temperature control instrument can be set up the automatic effect) The door is opened standby environmental testing, take put test and operation process, prevent the next work the test characteristics of the natural environment. Hot and cold impact test cases for industrial products of high temperature and cryogenic reliability test. Of electronic electrician, cars, motorcycles, aerospace, ship weapons, institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions and other related products in the high temperature of the components and raw materials, ultra-low temperature ( Alternate change) Circulation system, testing the various performance parameters. Hot and cold impact test chamber is a metal composite materials, plastics, rubber materials, electronic components, such as raw materials manufacturing manufacturing industries indispensable testing instrument, used to detect or fiber raw material structure, under the moment by the extremely high temperature and cryogenic constantly assume level of geographic environment, test sample to a short time, because of the heat bilges cold shrink caused by chemical or physical damage. The above explanation is the hot and cold impact test chamber can not detect the product, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about hot and cold impact test chamber, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  hot and cold impact test cases
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