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The applicable scope of the drop tester

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-09-04
Drop tester use pneumatic structure, will be testing a special fixture (place Adjustable travel arrangements) Clip, press and hold down key, cylinder loose, sample will be free fall test. Falling ratio can make the transformation direction, with aspect ratio scale, sample fall ratio may be revealed. Important components are the features of Japan's country of origin, variety falling wood floor are available, can consider to different experiment specification. 行动电话(适用 On the phone) , wireless intercom, electronic dictionaries, building intercom telephone, and CD/MD/MP3 and other small and medium-sized consumer electronics products and components of the random fall experiment. Drop tester is to try experiments don't packing, attach any required rechargeable batteries to standby of fixed on experimental equipment, free falling from the sky in the thick steel plate surface, in addition to the allowable surface abrasion, small dent, role, features and installation should be accordance with the provisions of the relevant specification. Falling drop tester choose electric hoist, pneumatic structure, elevator precision positioning precision, convenient, believable fall; Equipped with special pneumatic fixtures ( Adjustable travel arrangements) , jig front-end development with silica gel ( To prevent against goods or operators) On his mobile phone, can carry out a variety of specifications of drop test; Fall high aspect ratio by the motor drive, precision extruder screw drive system conversion direction, stable operation, low noise, no necessary to move left and right sides, each with scale scale, can accurate know parts falling height to width ratio, the goods can be never the same perspective in fall. Drop testing machine experiment system software consists of two part of the inner cylinder and the outer packing, have three layers of explosion-proof type structure, if the rechargeable battery exploded in the experiment in the box, nor about the shell and clerk, cause damage. Experiments in tube # use SUS304 stainless steel plate production and manufacturing, elegant appearance and corrosion resistance. Drop tester chooses temperature control module, PID automatic operation, high linearity, smooth operation; Actual operation system software choose man-machine exchange; Main parameters immediately type experiment; Automatic; Safety is convenient. Power plant by ac servo motor show, great torque, rotational speed is greater than span, run steady. Drop tester in liquid collection side install a drain valve at the bottom, easy to experiment with aqueous row out. Immediately before the trial will be equipped with the aqueous solution of adding washing cylinder, simple and convenient. All experimental shell bottom set has four universal casters and foot cups, machine equipment can very easily move into areas must be placed, goblet to machine equipment fixed in the area of must. Drop testing machine has three layers of explosion-proof type structure and pressure relief hole, it is not easy to cause all damage to clerk, and machine equipment, to ensure that can be trusted. Explained above is the scope of drop test machine, hope can help you, if you want to learn more about information about drop test machine, welcome to the online consulting service or call the company service hotline ( Website top right corner) For consultation, we will wholeheartedly provide high quality service for you! Tags: & nbsp  drop tester
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