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The characteristics and development direction of modern textile inspection technology

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-03-19
Modern textile inspection technology as a modern technology that uses textile product inspection instruments as a carrier has been developing in the country in recent decades. The development of textile product inspection equipment has made considerable progress in the aspects of inspection mechanism, degree of integration of machine and electricity, and the application of computer and microelectronics in inspection. And with the development of economy and the continuous innovation of science and technology, there has been great progress in the types of modern textile technology testing indicators and testing equipment. There are more and more large-capacity intelligent, multi-functional automatic textile testing equipment. Being gradually applied to textile product testing, the research and development and putting into use of this new type of mechatronics equipment signifies that my country's textile testing technology has entered a new era. The characteristics of modern textile inspection technology are in the current information era. Electronic information technology is fully used in all major areas of society, and high-end technologies such as automation technology and electronic communication technology have been adequately applied in the field of textile inspection. Not only has the modern textile inspection technology methods and methods been greatly improved, but there has also been a qualitative leap in inspection capabilities. At present, the functionality of modern textile inspection equipment is tending to be perfect, and it is developing towards the automation and intelligence of equipment. Use such a complete testing equipment. Not only has the inspection technology been upgraded, the traditional raw material performance testing has been developed to the yarn and fiber performance testing. Moreover, the analysis of modern textile testing technology has found that it has the following characteristics: Modern textile inspection technology is being developed to the greatest extent towards inspection automation. With the development of the new vibration method, instead of the single fiber length measurement and weighing with Ampere, foreign high-end technology research and development organizations have successively developed a variety of fineness equipment based on the vibration method, which does not require manual operation and adjustment, The standard detection of the maximum value of fiber vibration and other advantages can complete the automatic test of the fiber linear density with a single-key operation. Since the fiber density is not manually judged in the past, the accuracy of the fiber linear density value is greatly improved. According to the trial test, within 1h. Two people operated the cotton fiber textile inspection system and completed the test of 1,90 samples. The detection results of this detection system are basically not affected by human operations. Has better accuracy. 2. Modern textile inspection technology widely applies current high-tech technology. First of all, with the continuous update of network computer technology. Developed countries have introduced a new type of computer control system on the inspection equipment for controlling the density of textile products, which not only effectively solves the prescribed time for controlling the standard weight of samples, but also avoids errors in the samples themselves. Especially in the single fiber strength and elongation test, the use of new equipment data calculation including collection, processing and data display, effectively control the product's elongation at break. At present, the technology of fiber adjustment and control through computer software in the country mainly uses the network of the computer hub and the photometric detection method for identification. Using the computer network hub to further test the product is not only reliable and fast. It can accurately distinguish fiber products with very similar chemical components and can effectively identify the blending components in fiber products. Secondly, in modern textile inspection technology, digital image processing technology is also widely used. Optical fiber direct analysis equipment is one of them. The use of high-end digital image processing technology to determine the wool fiber to ensure the accuracy of the wool fiber diameter and average diameter, according to the test speed can basically reach 10,000 per minute. Moreover, optical fiber direct analysis equipment as a digital image processing technology in modern textile applications can also effectively test the degree of medullary hair and fiber curl. Finally, in modern textile inspection technology, laser technology is also fully used. The laser scanner used in the Australian textile industry is a representative of the application of laser technology in modern textile technology. Its detection speed is not lower than that of optical fiber direct analysis equipment. But its control technology is carried out by laser scanning and computer. Through computer control, the fiber diameter is used to complete the fiber detection in a short time, and accurately measure the value of the product and the average value of the diameter, as well as the distribution diagram of the number of fibers. 3. The sensing method in modern textile inspection technology is constantly upgraded.
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