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The future development trend of domestic textile instruments

by:GESTER Instruments     2021-05-18
The overall comprehensive technical level of China's instrumentation has reached the international level in the mid-1980s. 'Microelectronics and computer technology' The products commonly used in instrumentation have achieved intelligence, reaching the level of the era, and achieving digitization, reaching a higher international level. Satisfaction rate in the domestic market for high-end test instruments, and the satisfaction rate in the domestic market for mid- and low-end test instruments. The satisfaction rate of production process measurement and control and systems in large-scale engineering projects. These figures show that'imported instruments are often important for scientific research and production). The equipment has a high technical content and a high added value. Therefore, we should further promote the development of China's textile instrument manufacturing industry in depth and breadth; on the one hand, we must vigorously carry out the upgrading of existing conventional textile instruments'strive to catch up' or even exceed the international level; On the other hand,'should be determined to research and develop high-end textile testing equipment' should be a well-known brand of domestic textile equipment nationwide. The fabric impermeability water meter and fabric air permeability meter developed by using a computer program to control the sensor to automatically collect the pressure value to achieve the level of intelligence and digitization (the old instrument used to manually read the water column scale in the 1980s * from foreign textiles) The development trend of the instrument looks at'standardization'. The scaled control technology can make a computer control the corresponding testing instruments or devices of the same or different types through multiple standardized modules. Standardized modules can be mass-produced,'improve product quality', and reduce products. The cost is'to obtain big profits' and for users,'using one computer to control multiple devices' can also greatly reduce the cost of use. *With China's entry into the WTO,'users' requirements for textile quality are getting higher and higher' for testing The demand for instruments will be more than just quantity, but will pay more attention to the function of the instrument, whether it meets its increasing demand, and whether the quality of the textile instrument can withstand the long-term use of users. In the process of today's transition from a planned economy to a market economy,'everyone of insight who is committed to the development of domestic textile instruments' should strive to promote mutual cooperation among research departments, manufacturers and metrological verification departments to support *here On this basis, we will vigorously develop new textile instruments and strive to create a brand with advanced technology and excellent quality as soon as possible. Participate in international competition with a wide variety of products with good quality and higher performance-price ratio to meet the increasing needs of users. At present, the number of domestic textile instrument manufacturers in China has gradually increased. From the perspective of the industry development from 2014 to 2015, in the development, transformation and upgrading of the entire domestic textile instrument industry, textiles and textiles are currently advocating machine substitution, so textile testing The automation and intelligence of the instrument industry is bound to be the general trend in the future, and it is also the reality of China's domestic textile instruments that are overtaking on the equinox curve with the help of the Internet. Therefore, Chinese textile instrument industry enterprises must invest more in Ru0026D and innovation and recruit talents. Only then can the 'Made in China' brand of textile equipment be bigger and stronger and exported to the international market.
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