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The material of office furniture and up to the standards of the testing equipment have?

by:GESTER Instruments     2020-11-29
The material of office furniture and up to the standards of the testing equipment have? Britain's detection of furniture is more comprehensive, such as detection of environmental protection, all kinds of physical and mechanical properties testing, detection of the relevant environment, detection of transportation and so on! The main testing equipment: formaldehyde to detect climate box, universal material testing machine, resistance to yellow aging tester, tensile strength testing machine, multi-function abrasion tester, salt spray testing machine, temperature and humidity test chamber, hardness tester, spring comprehensive strength testing machine, etc. Instrument co. , LTD. Address: songshan lake high-tech industrial development zone of science and technology research building website nine road no. 1: http://www. tony0769. Com/company mailbox market @ gester - 仪器。 Com Hu Yunxiang: + 86 - 595 - 22515230 phone: + 86 - 595 - Fax: 22515230-0769 Zip: 23394660 qq: 63765035-523808
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